Community facilities terms and conditions


Staffordshire Commissioner Fire and Rescue Authority will provide community groups and partners with free facilities when they meet one of the following objectives;

  • Assist in making Staffordshire safe, healthy and an aspirational place to live
  • Assist Staffordshire in having a thriving economy

Our facilities are free of charge however as a condition of use we reserve the right to visit your group and promote our safety messages at an agreed suitable time. To ensure the facilities are used in line with the strategic objectives of the Staffordshire Commissioner there is a defined criteria for prioritising the use of the facilities in the event of duplicate requests.

Priority One

  • A community group or voluntary group undertaking activities which directly engage with the community and contribute to the objectives of the facilities.
  • Block booking reviewed after 12 months.

Priority Two

  • Partner organisations hosting activities which directly engage with the community and contribute to the objectives of the facilities.
  • Block booking reviewed after 6 months.

Priority Three

  • Any community, voluntary or partner organisation whose use has no direct engagement with community members.
  • Single bookings within a 30 day period subject to availability.

N.B. All new users will be subject to a three-month review if necessary.

We do not allow groups who charge for their activities to use the facilities however we do permit the responsible person to collect small contributions (towards refreshments for example) from those who attend activities.

In the event of a refused application or unsatisfactory service whilst using the facilities, the Staffordshire Commissioner will use its complaints procedure to ensure a fair and thorough approach is taken. If you wish to make a complaint then write to Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service Headquarters, Pirehill, Stone, Staffordshire, ST150BS, telephone 03003301000 or email

The Staffordshire Commissioner reserves the right to cancel bookings where the fire station is rendered unfit for the intended use. If a booking has been made and is no longer required you must let a member of staff know as soon as possible so the room can be made available, but no later than 48 hours prior. Users of the facilities must comply with the Staffordshire Commissioner policies and procedures. A member of staff will provide guidance when needed in order to facilitate this.

The person making the booking is responsible for the use of the community facilities and must ensure that they are left in the condition in which they were found. The user is not allowed to sub-let the community facilities under any circumstances.

Using the facilities

The responsible person is required to notify a member of staff of any spillages, breakages or damage to any equipment, fixtures and fittings whilst they retain use of the room. Any cleaning, repair due to misuses damage will be chargeable.

A member of staff must be made aware in advance of any contact with the media or visits from special guests (e.g. MP, Lord Mayor) whilst using the facilities.

The Staffordshire Commissioner properties are not licensed for the playing of music or films, events where tickets are being sold, gaming betting and lottery. For more information please see a member of staff to view the full policy. The Staffordshire Commissioner will not accept responsibility for any issues relating to refreshments provided by a third party.

Gyms on community fire stations can be used by partner groups for supervised activity by a person with at least a Level 2 Gym Instruction qualification. A copy of the instructor’s Public Liability Insurance and qualification certificate must be provided with the completed booking form however if the gym instructor is working voluntarily then Public Liability Insurance can be provided by Safer Communities CIC.

Insurances, Health and Safety

Organisations using the Community facilities are reminded that these are made available on the understanding that events held in the room will be properly supervised to ensure no inappropriate incidents occur during its use. Examples of this would include damage to the premises or using the facilities for political purposes. In circumstances were incidents do occur the Service reserves the right to refuse any future booking of the room by the involved organisation.

If during the event any person is injured or concerned about the safety of those present, or the building then the responsible person must immediately inform a member of staff or phone 0121 380 7221 to speak to someone out of hours. The person responsible must ensure that all children and vulnerable adults are supervised at all times in accordance with safety guidance and legislation. This includes ensuring that you are familiar with the fire alarm procedures and producing a Personal Evacuation Plan for anyone in your group who requires assistance in exiting the building.

The Staffordshire Commissioner requires the group to have public liability insurance of £5 million and a certificate must be provided with the booking form. If you do not have public liability then a member of staff can give advice on how to obtain this.