Charity work

The Fire Fighters Charity

Every year, thousands of fire fighters are injured whilst protecting the public. Every 30 seconds in the UK, fire fighters are called to an incident, putting their lives on the line, and often sustaining physical injuries whilst carrying out their duties. The Fire Fighters Charity is here for fire fighters during their times of need, and assists over 13,500 individuals every year, by providing pioneering treatment and support services.

It costs over £9 million every year to keep the Charity running, and with no government funding, we are completely reliant upon donations from the general public and fire community.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service hold various fundraising events throughout the year to support the charity, including station open days, Christmas bag packing and car washing.

For more information about the charity visit the Fire Fighters Charity website.


Staffordshire Emergency Services Humanitarian Aid Association (SESHAA) was founded in 1995 and has been active in areas of the world that are affected by conflict, humanitarian, or natural disaster.

Areas include Albania, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Croatia, Jamaica, Kashmir, Kenya, Malawi (South East Africa), Macedonia, Poland, Tajikistan, Uganda, Volgograd (South Russia) the charity has also assisted in providing help and equipment to the areas of Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Siberia, Ghana, Gambia, Zambia and Iraq.