Future Firefighter

Want a career that’s rewarding and varied…

Come to one of our engagement sessions to find out more about the role of a full-time firefighter ahead of our next recruitment window:

We want our workforce to be representative of the communities we serve and so these sessions are for the groups that are currently under represented - people from all ethnic minorities, people that identify as LGBTQIA+ and women. #FutureFirefighter campaign is about dispelling the stereotype of what a firefighter does and what they look like. We are running these sessions to help breakdown any barriers that may surround the role and encourage people from these underrepresented groups  to consider that the role of a firefighter may be for them.

Underpinning this campaign is positive action which is a legal, acceptable, and deliberate decision to take specific steps to improve equality in the workplace. In recruitment, positive action is used to attract people from underrepresented groups with the view of encouraging and increasing the number of applications for employment.

Positive action is not positive discrimination which can occur when some candidates are given an unfair advantage over others in a recruitment process. Positive discrimination is unlawful under current legislation.

We are committed to having a healthy culture to ensure everyone has a positive experience at work. More information about our culture can be found on  our dedicated culture page.

If you want to find out more about the role but are unsure about attending one of the sessions please contact our Positive Action Co-ordinator at positiveaction@staffordshirefire.gov.uk for further information.