Fire Safety Intervention

Are you worried about a child or young person who may be:

  • Showing a great interest in fire?
  • Showing evidence of burning items, for example in their bedroom or outside?
  • Starting fires?

Without help and guidance, fire play or firesetting behaviour can become increasingly serious and lead to injury, damage to property and tragically, death. Talking to a young person early on is vital to stop the firesetting habit as soon as possible; as early intervention and education can greatly reduce the chances of it happening again. We can help to explain the risks associated with this behaviour in an informed manner and appropriate resources.

Fire Safety Intervention (FSI) is our intervention programme for educating those where there is a concern.

The Fire Safety Intervention is not a punishment and should not be viewed as such.

The aim of the intervention is to educate children and young people understand and control the feelings or circumstances that lead them to set fires; with the objective to achieve a ‘fire safe’ person and environment.

Once a referral has been accepted, we arrange for a Home Fire Safety Visit to be carried out as soon as possible at the young person’s home. During this visit, we will help the residents to spot any potential fire hazards and demonstrate how to reduce and prevent the risk of fire. If required, smoke alarms will also be fitted, and a fire escape plan will be discussed for everyone living in the property.

Following this, our Community Safety Officers will work with the young person and their family to address the fire play or firesetting behaviour; discussing the aims of the intervention in a positive manner, highlighting the need to keep the family safe and well. The session(s) which are tailored to the child/young persons’ individual needs and abilities, use a variety of resources and techniques which encourage the young person to take ownership of their actions and consider the outcomes for themselves; those with them at the time; their families and also the wider community.

They can be carried out at home, school or residential unit or wherever is convenient, to foster an environment where the young person feels confident to speak out about any concerns.

While this is a confidential service, please be aware there may be occasions that we will need to share the information we receive during a visit with relevant partner agencies we work alongside. We believe that working collaboratively with other professionals, if required, will enable the family to receive more support and guidance and raise any safeguarding concerns, while still being on hand to answer questions and provide support throughout the whole process.

Anyone can refer a child/young person for Fire Safety Intervention and referrals come from many different sources.

Please note, if you are not the legal guardian of the child you must seek parental consent to make a referral.

If you believe a child or young person may need Fire Safety education – please get in touch.

Complete the Fire Safety Intervention Referral form below and click submit. Once a referral is received, a team member will contact you and explain how we can help.

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