Reference: FOI 058/23

Retained/on-call fire appliance availability

Received 9 May 2023


I would like the service to provide me with details of the Retained/On-Call fire appliances availability over the most recent 12-month period, stipulating the amount of time these appliances were ‘off the run’ (unavailable) to respond to an emergency. I would like these details to be broken down into the number of hours per month that an appliance has been unavailable on a station-by- station basis and expressed as a percentage figure. In addition, and if possible, could the reason why the appliances were unavailable be included: i.e., lack of crew; lack of Officer in Charge; lack of driver etc?


Please see attached spreadsheet. We at Staffordshire Fire Service record the information as a percentages on a monthly basis per appliance and not per station.