Reference: FOI 053/23

Wildfires from 2017 to 2022

Received 28 April 2023


I am requesting the following information under the freedom of information act:

  1. How many wildfires did your fire brigade deal with from 2017 to 2022? Please break down your response by year, size of fire, date, cause and if possible, location.

  2. Please let me know any new equipment your service has purchased or plans to purchase in the last 5 years to combat wildfires.

  3. If possible, please let me know the annual cost of dealing with wildfires to your brigade 2017 to 2022. Please break the figure down by each year.


  1. Please see attached spread sheet
  2. We have purchased the following as ‘new’ equipment. All other wildfire equipment purchased in this period has been to replace existing stock:
    • 25mm hose and associated dividing breeches
    • Wildfire branches to attach to this hose
    • Instantaneous to 25mm stortz couplings to attach this hose to ‘standard’ firefighting equipment
    We do not have any definite plans to purchase anything new going forward at this time.
  3. We do not put costs to fires