How to make an emergency 999 call

This summer we are working in partnership with Staffordshire Police and West Midlands Ambulance Service to educate children on how to make an emergency 999 call.

The emergency services are here to help but sometimes 999 is rung by mistake and we want to help children understand when it is the right time to ring 999.

Making a 999 call with Lookout Lion

We’ve made a video which features Lookout Lion, who needs the help of the emergency services. Please watch this with your children to help them understand when they should ring 999 and how to do it.

After watching the video, talk to them about it and make sure they know:

  • When is appropriate to call 999
  • That in an emergency they need to dial 999
  • How to make an emergency call from your particular mobile as this can differ depending on what device you have.

When making a 999 call they need to remember:

  • To tell the call handler which emergency service they need
  • To tell the call handler their address and phone number or the location of the emergency
  • To stay calm and stay on the line as they might have some questions
  • The call handler is there to help them and they shouldn’t be afraid

We have produced a printable factsheet that features advice on making a 999 call. It also has space to write your address and phone number. Please print this off, fill it in and put it somewhere visible, like on the fridge or by your home phone (if you have one). Your child will then have the information that they need.