Serious incident exercise at high-voltage electricity plant

Firefighters and partners have recently completed a serious incident exercise at a 400kv substation in Rugeley.

The exercise prepares the Service for a multi-agency incident involving a fire within a high-voltage electricity plant, potentially resulting in widespread damage and power outages across vital electricity lines.

On 20 May, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service conducted the two-hour long exercises alongside the National Grid, putting into practice the latest guidelines.

Station Manager Jordan Money, who attended the exercise alongside other station managers from Rugeley, said: “This was an excellent way for the Service to liaise with our partners and continue our learning and development across multi-agency incident plans.

“These types of incidents require careful planning, precise communication between partners and staff respectively, adequate resources and effectiveness between all agencies involved.

“It also provides an opportunity for us to review and evaluate the different risk and hazards involved in a substation fire, the most effective means of tackling such an incident and the different roles expected of partners in the event of a real-life situation.”

Following the exercise, site managers from the National Grid continued to liaise with firefighters and evaluate the potential processes, should such an incident occur within Staffordshire.

Station Manager Money added: “It’s a great way to look at new teaching materials and to expose our firefighters to an array of different operations.

“Exercises like this really help to prepare the Service, and partners, for every eventuality, meaning we can better protect the public and ensure our communities are protected in any scenario.”

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