Prince’s Trust community project revitalises Cannock care home garden

Care home residents with Cannock Team 10

A community project, led by a Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Prince’s Trust team, has revitalised a garden in a Cannock care home.

Thank you so much Cannock Team 10. You’ve all done such a brilliant job and should all be super proud, making a huge impact on people’s lives.

Soma, Carer

The home, which is based in Bridgetown and cares for adults with learning difficulties, had been left with an overgrown and neglected garden and courtyard area after losing a number of volunteers.

However, Cannock Team 10 – brought together by the Prince’s Trust programme – voted to undertake the garden work as part of their community project. To complete the work, they raised more than £600 through a sponsored walk whilst the group were also supported by a care home raffle and some local supermarkets – who donated plants.

The work involved cleaning and weeding two patio areas, renovating and painting a pergola, repurposing some donated tyres into planters, hedge trimming, upcycling plant pots and planters, planting donated flowers, building a brick flower bed, and creating a memorial area for the residents. The young people made the garden areas as bright and colourful as possible to create a more sensory experience for the residents due to their varying needs.

The garden

Speaking after its completion, Programme Leader Sian Osborn said: “The project took about eight days to complete with nine members taking part – alongside fire service staff and those at the care home.

“Due to the nature of the Prince’s Trust programme, this was the first time that some of the group had done any outside work so it was a great experience for them. They were also working with some vulnerable members of the local community and this helped them develop an understanding and appreciation of those less fortunate than themselves.

“The care home were very grateful as it allowed them to regain a space that had been very rarely used due to the levels of maintenance it needed. They now have a safe space where they can relax, watch the birds, and remember past friends. This is now also a space that the residents can spend time in with their families, making up for precious lost time after shielding during the pandemic.

“The group were so driven to achieve and they should all be proud of what they have achieved as they have made a direct difference to a home that has had a hard and stressful 18 months.”

Soma, a carer at the home, said; “Thank you so much Cannock Team 10. You’ve all done such a brilliant job and should all be super proud, making a huge impact on people’s lives.”