Plea to take extra care during heatwave

We have shared further safety advice after the Met Office issued the first red extreme heat warning for much of England today.

The severe weather warning covers today and tomorrow (Monday 18 July and Tuesday 19 July) for parts of England, including Staffordshire, where temperatures are expected to reach highs of 38°C.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Michelle Hickmott, said: “The exceptional weather that is forecast for the coming days means that we all need to take extra care.

“Please keep an eye out for vulnerable neighbours and family members, and make sure you keep hydrated. If you need to travel, ensure you take water with you.

“With hot and dry weather, usually comes an increase in accidental fires. There’s a risk that barbeques and bonfires will become out of control and they can rapidly escalate into wildfires. Our message is simple - Please don’t use barbecues or campfires in the countryside, take a picnic instead.

“Cigarettes not put out thoroughly can also start fires, as can sunlight shining through a discarded glass bottle – something many people don’t realise, so please dispose of them correctly.

“We want people to enjoy the sunshine, but urge everyone to be aware of the risks to stay as safe as possible.

“It may be tempting to cool off in rivers and lakes but there can be lots of hidden hazards – It’s usually deeper, colder and more dangerous than it looks. Even the strongest swimmers can get into difficulties, with a serious risk of cold water shock and drowning.

“If you see another person in trouble in the water, please do not enter the water yourself – call 999 and ask for the fire service. Try and give an exact location of where you are, look for signs or landmarks or use the What 3 Words app.

“Please take the time to talk to your children about water safety so that they understand the risks, look out for their friends and know what to do in an emergency. There is a range of helpful resources on our website.”

For more information please visit:

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