Plea for people not to leave fires unattended in gardens after near miss

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service want to remind people about the dangers of leaving rubbish fires burning unattended in their gardens after an incident in Stoke-on-Trent that could have become serious.

We received a call at about 6.20pm on Wednesday (27 January) from concerned residents of Housefield Road in Bentilee regarding a fire in a neighbour’s property they thought might be out of control.

One crew from Longton was dispatched and arrived at about 6.30pm.

Longton’s Green Watch manager Timothy Plant said: “The incident involved a substantial amount of rubbish in a brazier left unattended. There was no responsible person with the fire for one hour while it was in use.

“We extinguished the blaze and advice was given out.

“We would urge all residents not to leave any fires burning unattended in their gardens to avoid any incidents like this getting out of hand.”

The stop message was issued at 6.40pm and the crew left the scene at about 6.45pm.