House fire deemed to be caused by an electrical fault

A house fire in Stafford where a man sadly died has been determined as an accidental electrical fault by fire investigators.

We were called to a home on Peel Street in Castletown at 6am yesterday (24 January). Local crews went to the scene and extinguished a fire inside a terraced property. Firefighters continued to dampen down hotspots and check the area was safe after it was brought under control.

Sadly, a man in his 90s was found unresponsive inside and was later pronounced dead. We have been supporting his family alongside officers from Staffordshire Police whilst an investigation into what caused the fire was carried out.

We are now able to confirm that the fire was started accidentally from an electrical plug socket, which spread inside the building. We evacuated the two adjoining buildings as a precaution, but no one else was injured in the incident.

Station Manager Leigh Richards, who went to the scene, said: “I’d like to express my condolences to the man’s family at this deeply tragic time.

“Unfortunately, accidental fires like this can easily spread and get out of control. It’s why we’re working hard to raise awareness of the risks involved and help people recognise what could go wrong in their own home.

“I’d urge everyone across Staffordshire to make sure their sockets are turned off whilst they are not in use, regardless of whether anything is plugged into them or not. If they’re faulty, replace them as soon as you can and make sure the devices you’re using have a British or European safety mark.

“Overloading plugs with high-powered devices or cheap alternatives can easily result in fires, too. Washing machines should always be kept to a single socket and people should unplug any devices which are smoking or showing signs of overheating as soon as possible.

“I know this incident has devastated the man’s family, but I hope it can potentially help someone spot fire hazards in their own home and act before it’s too late.

“We believe prevention is better than cure, and that’s why our prevent and protect teams are continuing to speak to nearby residents about fire safety and help people make the necessary adjustments to stay safe.”

For important safety information on the risks of electrical fires in your home, and how to stop them, visit our website here: Electrical safety (

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