Firefighters urge caution when heating homes and using electronics as prices surge

Firefighters from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service are urging the public to stay safe when heating their homes and using electronic devices - following a national increase in prices.

More residents may be using alternatives to electrical heating systems, such as log-burners, in attempts to keep monthly costs and energy usage at affordable rates.

Despite these appliances serving as a cost-effective alternative to heating your home, residents must take careful consideration to ensure they use log-burners safely. 

Firefighters attended two fires, caused by log burners, as recent as December 2021.

Head of Prevent and Protect, Mark Walchester, said: “Residents must ensure they do not store dry wood in the vicinity of log-burners.

“Previous fires have been caused after burning wood has sparked and caught fire to dry logs stored nearby.

“They should be stored in a dry and contained area, away from any naked flames or heat sources.

“Residents should also ensure they are burning dry wood only. Damp materials can cause build-up in chimneys and increase the risk of a fire hazard.”

Depending on the times in which electrical appliances are used, residents can further cut the cost of their energy bills.

Heavy-wattage appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers are more expensive to run during peak usage hours – usually between 3pm and 8pm.

Energy prices are cheapest between 10pm and 5am – although residents must ensure that they do not leave these appliances on overnight. 

Mark Walchester said: “These appliances must not be left unattended and should be monitored thoroughly.

“It is vital that residents are aware of the subsequent risk factors of using alternative energy methods in order to ensure they keep themselves and others safe from fire hazards.” 

For more information on chimney/log-burning safety, visit: Chimney fire safety (

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