Firefighters rush to rescue Staffie impaled on fence

We were called to Kennett Close in Newcastle-under-Lyme at about 8.55pm on Wednesday (27 January) to rescue a dog which had got itself impaled on top of a wrought iron gate while jumping over it.

The Staffordshire bull terrier cross, which weighed just under 20 kilograms, had caught the skin of its stomach while jumping over the gate and became impaled, while also injuring its paw.

A crew was mobilised from Newcastle to help the dog, who was being held in place by the owner to prevent it from impaling itself further on the metal prong.

They arrived at about 9:10pm and were able to free the dog by 9.20pm. It was left in the care of its owner who was going to arrange their own vets care.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service's Green Watch Manager James Leighton said: "The dog remained calm while we carefully removed it from the iron spear."