Firefighters nominated for local award after saving injured kayaker

Rosenbauer fire engine

Six of our firefighters have been nominated for their life-saving actions after they helped an injured kayaker to safety in Wales.

Chief Fire Officer, Rob Barber, nominated firefighters Dale Glover, Phil Salwey, Martin Bailey, Tim Bullock, Justin Cooley and Adrian Smith for the Uniformed Heroes award for their outstanding actions this year.  

The group were taking part in a training session with students in a river in Llangollen in May with no equipment at the time.

The firefighters were then approached by a kayaker who said a woman had fallen on nearby rocks and had a suspected broken leg. This was not part of the exercise.

The fire crew then came up with a plan as Phil and Tim went to their van to get equipment, Martin and Adrian remained at the location to convey messages and both Dale and Justin went to the scene.

Dale and Justin found the woman in severe pain. She was unable to move because of her injuries.

Thankfully, the firefighters had a stretcher, trauma kit and a rescue sled which meant they could work together to transport the woman from the rocks to a place of safety.

The woman was then taken to hospital for treatment.  

Following the heroics, all six firefighters were nominated for the award. The ceremony will take place at DoubleTree by Hilton Stoke-on-Trent on 30 November.

Speaking about the nomination, Rob said: “The firefighters took swift action in ensuring everything was put into place to rescue the woman safely.

“All six firefighters played their part to ensure they reached a place of safety before the woman was taken to hospital.

“They fully deserve their nomination for their life-saving actions they carried out that day.”

Watch Manager Dale Glover said: “I’m extremely proud of the way we went about dealing with this incident, bearing in mind it was on one of the most notorious rivers in North Wales. As a result of careful planning, we were able to bring the injured kayaker to safety.”