Firefighters and partners warn of dangers of smoking in the home on #NoSmokingDay

Today (Wednesday 8 March) is #NoSmokingDay and firefighters are reminding smokers how best to stay safe in their homes by encouraging them to access support to quit.

The reminder comes after national statistics revealed that more people die in house fires caused by cigarettes and smoking materials than by any other cause.

In Staffordshire in 2022, the service was sadly called to three fatal house fires caused by smoking materials. This is why our firefighters are encouraging residents to use stop smoking support services to prevent them falling victim to accidental house fires as well as better their health and wellbeing.

Head of Prevent and Protect Ian Read said: “Smoking at home is a normal part of many people’s day.

“However, if you are not aware of the risks and do not dispose of your cigarette properly, the outcome could be negative to your welfare, property and your health.

“Vulnerable members of the community, including those who live alone, are nearly four times more likely to die or become seriously injured as a result of an accidental house fire, which only increases in probability if that individual is a smoker.

“Today is a great opportunity to take a positive step in quitting and to help us limit the risks of house fires. That’s why we’re working with Everyone Health and Staffordshire County Council to signpost people to the right support.”

We strongly discourage residents from smoking in their home, but if you do, always remember to:

  • Make sure the cigarette is extinguished using an ashtray and embers are not still alight
  • Never smoke in bed. It can be easy to dose off
  • Keep matches and lighters away from children
  • Don’t smoke if you’re feeling tired
  • Make sure ashtrays are fully extinguished before emptying them
  • Don’t leave e-cigarettes on charge for prolonged periods of time to avoid overheating – including overnight
  • Use the charger provided by the manufacturer and don’t use cheap alternatives

Staffordshire residents aged 40 and above can access free support services to help them quit by contacting Everyone Health – an organisation who helped more than 750 people in Staffordshire last year to quit smoking.

Text: QUIT to 60777 or visit their website:

For more information on how to stay safe whilst smoking at home, visit: Smoking and e-cigarettes (

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