Fire station links up with local charity to help community keep warm this winter

Staff with winter warm packs

With energy bills rising, firefighters from Tamworth Fire Station have teamed up with local charity Community Together CIC (Community Interest Company) to provide ‘Winter Warm’ packs to help keep local communities warm this winter.

The packs, which contain blankets, a flask, gloves, hats, a hot water bottle, scarves and socks, have been developed to provide immediate support to help those most at risk to stay warm at home during the cold weather.

Communities in Tamworth who are experiencing challenges with their heating are advised to contact Community Together CIC who can support and refer to Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The packs will be available on a first come first served basis, and many packs will be made available.

Hannah Grostate, Community Safety Officer at Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Serving our community is the Fire Service’s core focus, and by supporting the charity with this initiative, we can look to create positive outcomes for the people of Tamworth.

“With energy bills increasing rapidly, we want to support the local community in any way we can to help keep them warm this winter.”

Hannah also advises on steps communities can take to make sure they keep warm.

"People may need to make changes to how they use energy in order to reduce costs. However, we’d urge people not to do that at the expense of your own life and that of others. You can reduce your energy bill without having to resort to unsafe practices.

“The easiest and most effective thing you can do to reduce your risk is to check you have working smoke alarms on each floor of your property, to increase your protection further ensure you have a carbon monoxide detector fitted.

"If you have an open fire get the chimney swept ahead of needing to use it this winter and use seasoned logs with the 'Safe to Burn' logo that won’t spit.

"Open fires also need guards and avoid huddling too close to them, sadly we have had a number of fire deaths caused by open fires. The same goes for portable heaters, don’t get too close to them and ensure they are a safe distance away from other materials.”

More information on how to keep warm safely is available on the home page of Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s website.

Information is also available as to whether you or someone you know can qualify for a free Safe and Well Visit.

Alternatively you can call freephone 0800 0241 999.