Eccleshall Fire Station

Eccleshall Fire Station is a retained fire station serving the communities around Eccleshall and surrounding areas.

We are recruiting!

We are recruiting on-call firefighters, so if you are interested in becoming an on-call firefighter in your local area, you can apply now.

Station information

Crewing status: Retained on-call
Vehicles: Pumping appliance
Drill night: Tuesday, 19:00 - 21:00

Uniforms hung up on pegs

Station personnel

Station manager helmet

Station Manager

Liam Hickey

Watch manager helmet

Watch Manager

The watch manager runs the station and manages the staff on their watch at their station location. They are the officer in charge of the fire appliances and lead incidents they attend.

Crew manager helmet

Crew Manager

The crew manager assists the watch manager in the delivery of their daily duties, including standing in for them in their absence. They ride on the fire appliance as a crew member but also have qualifications to be in charge of an incident when required.

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Newport Road,
ST21 6BG


  • Telephone: 01785 898525