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Firefighter recruitment

Applications for full-time firefighters are now closed.

The recruitment process

The firefighter recruitment process outlines the various stage details along with associated timescales. A list of frequently asked questions is also available that prospective candidates may find useful as well as video demonstrations of the job related tests.

The role

There is much more to the role of firefighter than the common perception of racing to fires or road traffic collisions in a fire engine. We strongly believe that preventing fires and emergencies from happening is better and safer than cure. Today the job of a firefighter is more about community safety, education, partnership working, community engagement and helping businesses after a fire than it is about responding when things have gone wrong and this is what takes up most of a firefighters average working day.

Here is a few examples of what firefighters do:

  • Engage and educate people of all ages  to help them to stay safe and well 
  • Save and preserve endangered life and provide treatment to casualties
  • Contribute to the fire, home and business  safety solutions to minimise danger to the community
  • Work as a team at operational emergency incidents
  • Protect the environment from the effects of hazardous materials

Challenging the stereotype #YouCanToo

As part of the Service’s commitment to provide the very best service to all of our communities, we encourage applications from members of our community in recognition of the value that gender, ethnic and background diversity brings to enable us to best serve our communities. The Service recognises that a workforce that represents a cross section of the people is a positive step to ensure that all of our messages are appropriate, clear and understood.

The #YouCanToo campaign is about dispelling the stereotype of what a firefighter does and what they look like. We understand and value all of our staff and equally we understand how crucial it is that our staff are representative of our community to complement our already positive identity and successes. We welcome and encourage applications from our black, Asian and ethnic minority men and women.

What are the benefits of a diverse workforce?

  • Our policies and working practices are more likely to be bias free
  • Diversity in the workplace counters stereotyping and as a result bullying, harassment and undignified and disrespectful behaviour declines
  • Supports our development of an open and inclusive working culture
  • Have a workforce that is more creative and innovative
  • Looking more like the communities we serve means our prevention and protection messages are more likely to be heard


Did You Know?

We are currently looking for on-call firefighters.