In an emergency call 999

General enquiries call 0300 330 1000

Emergencies at home

What to do in a fire

If you are involved in a fire within a building you should get out, stay out. call 999

Never return into a burning building to save other people, belongings or pets.

If you are trapped within a burning building with no means of escape you should:

  • Call 999 if you have a mobile or it is safe to reach a landline. A control operator will stay on the phone to you until firefighters arrive.
  • Keep low to the ground as smoke rises
  • Try to go to a room facing the road
  • Close the doors to the room you are in and use towels or bedding to block gaps around the door - this will help stop smoke entering the room.
  • Go to a window and shout to attract attention
  • If you are in immediate danger and need to get out of the building, drop cushions or bedding to the ground to break your fall
  • Get out feet first and lower yourself to the full extent of your arms. Then drop to the ground, do not jump.

What to do if your clothes catch fire

  • Don’t run around, you’ll make the flames worse
  • Lie down and roll around. It makes it harder for the fire to spread
  • Smother the flames with a heavy material, like a coat or blanket
  • Remember, Stop, Drop and Roll

What to do after a fire

Having a house fire can be a very traumatic experience and there can be a lot to consider before you can return to normal life

  • What do I do first?
  • Health - If you suffer from any respiratory problems and you have inhaled smoke or you feel unwell after a fire seek immediate medical assistance from your GP or go to your nearest Hospital Accident and Emergency Department.
  • Is the building safe after a fire?
  • Can I use my gas, electric and water?
  • Insurance issues.
  • If you are insured your insurance will be the single most important component in recovering from a fire loss
  • What should we do with food and cooking utensils?
  • Can we use electrical appliances?
  • What do we do with our furniture?

A document has been produced to provide information about what to do after a fire.

What to do after a flood

If your home is damaged by flooding it can be a very traumatic experience.

Depending on the level of damage caused there can be a lot of things you need to consider before you can return and start living as normal in your property.

  • Check your home first
  • Go inside carefully
  • Take care of yourself
  • Clean up
  • Protect your home from further damage
  • Hose the house and its contents
  • First aid at home
  • Turn off the electricity
  • Rescue the most valuable items

A document has been produced to provide information about what to do after a flood.

The environment agency also has information about what you can do in a flood.