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For non-emergency call 0300 330 1000

Flames Aren't Games


During the Easter and Summer holidays we see an increase in fires which are started deliberately in parks and outdoor spaces where young people hang out.

Fires started on purpose for ‘fun’ or out of ‘boredom’ to bins, rubbish and grass often get out of hand and spread quickly.

These deliberate outdoor fires take up a lot of our firefighters time and our crews could be putting out these avoidable grass and bin fires when they should be helping someone whose life may be in danger at a house fire or road traffic collision.

In Staffordshire we saw the number of outdoor fires more than triple in Spring 2017 compared to 2016. Between January and April 2016 there were 181 secondary fires throughout the county, this has risen to 590 during the same period in 2017. Approximately 76 per cent of these fires were caused deliberately.

Deliberate fires

  • Put lives at danger
  • Put a strain on our limited resources
  • Cause damage that can cost up to £8 million a year - a needless cost to the economy
  • Ruin the local area

What can we do to prevent these fires?

We promote a range of diversionary activities during Easter and Summer holidays to keep young people entertained!

Share the information about the consequences of setting fires deliberately with young people. You can raise awareness through social media about our campaign 'Flames Aren't Games' by sharing the images and videos which we have created.

If you see people playing with fire contact 999 an crime stoppers.

Watch the music video now!

We have teamed up with Stoke on Trent based charity the Urban Arts Centre to produce the Flames Aren't Games music video. The aim of the video is to raise awareness about the consequences of setting fires to fun.

Advice to parents and guardians 

If you are a parent make sure your children know the devastating consequences of fire setting.

  • A fire can quickly get out of control, injuring them and other people
  • They could receive a prison sentence and criminal record. This could massively affect their future job prospects
  • They could be issued with a £5000 fine
  • Remind them that Flames Aren’t Games!