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Firefighter shares experience of grass and rubbish fires

August 23 2019

A firefighter from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service is speaking of his experience tackling outdoor fires.


Ken Laver has been in the Service for 16 years and was one of the many crew members to attend some large incidents last summer. He is pleading with members of the public to help prevent the same thing happening this year. 

The plea comes as part of SFRS’s We Know What You Did Last Summer campaign which highlights the dangers of fires in the outdoors and the damage they can cause. 

He said: “It is incredibly frustrating for firefighters to keep attending these fires especially when they are deliberate and avoidable. Of course attending incidents is what we are here for and we are prepared to deal with it, but they take up time and resources that could be used elsewhere, helping people in unavoidable trouble such as house fires or collisions. 

“Please just be mindful when you’re out this summer: only discard your cigarettes in proper ashtrays, avoid having barbecues in areas of dry grass and speak to your children about the dangers of setting fires. 

“We are prepared to deal with any of these sorts of incidents but they are incredibly tiring and demanding for firefighters, especially when the weather is hot. Last summer was a challenge for us and we don’t want the same thing to happen this year.”