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The full time recruitment process

Anyone aged 18 or over can apply to become a firefighter; but candidates must have the potential to  meet all the requirements of the role.

There are a range of duties carried out by a firefighter but a lot of the job is based around working within the community, so good communication skills are essential. There is also the physical element of the role, such as using ladders, hoses and other equipment; therefore candidates are also required to reach a prescribed standard of physical fitness.

There are various stages of the application process and you must complete and be successful at each stage to progress to the next one. If we do not feel that you are suitable at any stage of the process, you will be advised that you will not progress any further. You may therefore be unsuccessful at any stage in the process below

Stage 1 - Application Form

In the application form you will be asked a series of questions, these will help us decide whether you are likely to be suitable to become a firefighter and whether you are eligible to progress.

  • Equal Opportunities Monitoring Information – this information will not be used as part of the selection process. It is for monitoring purposes only.
  • At the application stage under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 you are obliged to declare if you have any unspent convictions or criminal proceedings pending as part of your application as these may bar you from working for the Service.
  • Any personal data that we collect during the process will be destroyed should you not be successful.
  • If you provide false information your application will be rejected. 

Stage 2 - On line assessments

If you are successful at Stage 1, you will be sent on-line assessments, by email, for completion by a specified date. You must complete the assessments by this date.  These assessments will measure your suitability for the role based on personality characteristics and aptitude as well as assess your problem solving ability. 

Stage 3 - Job Related Assessments

These are exercises designed to measure  your practical and physical ability. This will include assessments on:

  • Ladder Climb
  • Casualty Evacuation
  • Ladder Lift
  • Enclosed Space
  • Equipment Assembly
  • Equipment Carry
  • Aptitude Assessment

Upon successful completion of stage 3, you will be invited to an Assessment Centre:-

Stage 4 - Assessment Centre

This will be approximately half a day and will include:

  • Formal Interview & Presentation
  • Group discussion with other candidates

Stage 5 - Fitness Assessment

This will be undertaken by the Service Fitness advisor and involves a treadmill test designed to measure your aerobic fitness.

If you are successful at Stage 5, an offer of employment may be made subject to the satisfactory completion of the elements outlined in Stage 6 below.

Stage 6 - Pre Employment Checks

You will be invited to attend a health assessment at our Occupational Health Unit where you will be assessed by an Occ Health Professional.


This test consists of Health questionnaire, Height, Weight, Blood pressure, Eye test, Lung function, Hearing test.

You will be asked questions about your health and any disabilities or medical needs you have, the information from which will then be assessed by the Occ Health Team to provide a report on your fitness to perform the role of a firefighter.


We require two references covering the last 3 years; one must be your current employer or education provider. One reference can be a character reference from someone who has known you for 2 years or more.

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) 

Your role will require a DBS Check and you will be expected to cooperate with the application process.