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Chaplaincy is based on the understanding that whatever our faith tradition we are concerned for the well-being of all individuals as they live and work together. It is therefore an individual Chaplain’s responsibility to care for all, and work for values and structures in society which reflect values of love, care, respect, equality, justice and peace.

Any workplace, as any other context, is a place where these values and concerns need to be upheld and where people need to be cared for. Equally as a Fire and Rescue Service we seek to spread the safety message to the community.

It is acknowledged that not every individual who comes into contact with Chaplains share the same point of view. Nevertheless the Chaplain still offers his or her ministry to all, and will respect those who do not wish to have such contact.

Chaplains are people who, motivated by their faith, seek firstly to care for people. They do this by being accessible, available and prepared to listen in complete confidence, to individuals and sometimes groups of people. The Chaplain will give time to allow individuals to talk about their experiences, feelings, hopes and fears, and where appropriate, to share sorrows, joys, and bring comfort and support in times of need.

Chaplains recognise that men and women are complex beings with physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions; therefore care must be for the whole person, equally Chaplains are often a trusted member of the community in whom vulnerable people may confide.

Due to their unique position in the Fire and Rescue Service they are both an internal support to members of staff and an advocate to the most at risk at incidents.

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