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Flames Aren't Games

Flames Aren't Games

Flames Aren't Games

The Flames Aren’t Games campaign is aimed at preventing deliberate outdoor fires which is a needless drain on our resources and can put lives at risk. Our fire cadets have produced a short video called “Truth or Dare” which demonstrates the way that peer pressure and naivety can result in an outdoor fire with potentially life threatening consequences. Dan and his mates are larking around playing a game of Truth or Dare but things turn nasty very quickly!

Look out for interactive content to be posted across all of our social media platforms which aims at getting across the message that setting deliberate outdoor fires can result in a serious fine, prison sentence and even loss of life!

What can we do to prevent these fires?

We promote a range of diversionary activities during Easter and Summer holidays to keep young people entertained!

Share the information about the consequences of setting fires deliberately with young people. You can raise awareness through social media about our campaign 'Flames Aren't Games' by sharing the images and videos which we have created.

If you see people playing with fire contact 999.

Deliberate fires have devastating consequences

  • Put lives at danger
  • Put a strain on our limited resources
  • Cause damage that can cost up to £8 million a year - a needless cost to the economy
  • Ruin the local area

Advice to parents and guardians

If you are a parent make sure your children know the devastating consequences of fire setting.

  • A fire can quickly get out of control, injuring them and other people
  • They could receive a prison sentence and a criminal record. This could massively affect their future job prospects
  • They could be issued with a £5000 fine
  • Remind them that Flames Aren’t Games!