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Older People's Fire Safety

Blue Monday

Having a Cuppa with an older person?

Whilst the kettle is boiling have a chat about home safety and see if you can spot any of these warning signs:

  • They don’t have working smoke alarms on every floor
  • Their circumstances have changed recently, for example have they had a fall or been diagnosed with an illness?
  • There is evidence of damage from previous fires
  • They smoke in bed
  • They are at an increased risk of fire from medication or alcohol
  • They have mobility issues
  • They use a chip pan
  • They have open fires or portable heaters
  • They store large a large amount  of possessions in and around their home
  • There are signs of scorch marks on clothing or furniture
  • They own large numbers of electrical items and cables. Do they look worn?

If you are concerned about an older person book a FREE Home Fire Risk Check for them. They might prefer it if you are there when we come for the appointment.

You can book a Home Fire Risk Check by calling 0800 0241 999

Or you can fill in an online form.

You can also help them by testing their smoke alarms for them when you visit. Smoke alarms need testing regularly and they might not be able to reach them.

Find out more about our free Home Fire Risk Check.
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Blue Monday Competition – Terms and Conditions.
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Our comprehensive safety leaflets are also invaluable in helping you ensure that the homes of your loved ones are safe:

blue monday poster
Blue Monday poster

blue monday flyer
Blue Monday flyer

Keep your eyes open flyer
Protect yourself this winter leaflet

Fire safety in the home
Fire safety in the home.pdf

Fire Safety for people with sight hearing or mobility difficulties
Fire Safety for people with sight hearing or mobility difficulties.pdf

Fire Safety for people with sight hearing or mobility difficulties
Fire Safety in winter.pdf